Puppy Information


The details for the current litter, if there is one, or previous litters are in their own sections. So click on the relevent link to see an individual litter.




Litter from May 2019 Litter from April 2018



If you wish to go on our waiting list please contact us and we will discuss how we manage our waiting list. Thanks you.


We always try to match puppies to suitable owners and obviously we need to understand the owners to match them up.


We have provided a questionnaire below for you to help in considering some of the influences that may affect your choice of dog, that will apply not only if you want a Parsons Russell Terrier but any other dog.



As part of our breeding we try to make sure owners are aware of some of the possible health conditions which can affect the Parson Russell Terrier breed.


We have drawn up a list of the conditions, including the effects, together with what we do to eliminate or minimise them.


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