Pen Picture

We welcomed Freya as a puppy into our family. Our first bitch to Scapegrace family after Loki a number of months earlier.

By temperament Freya is a gentle, affectionate, easy going bitch. She loves people but once introduced she is happy to get on with her own thing. Happy to spend time out to herself and chill, but if there’s movement or action she’s your gal.

A good running buddy and will meet a challenge set before her. Can be stubborn when it suits her especially if there’s quarry to deal with. She is no slouch. Likes her walks but also happy to rest at your side.

Freya spent time in the show ring and got her own rewards but is not a natural and prefers activities.

As a mum no one person could fault her. A good sound bitch that cares well for her pups and needs little to no assistance. She likes companionship of the family whilst she raises her pups. We can not fault her. Freya will retire after her last litter in 2022 and can relax as the pack matriarch in the home.