This news page is in reverse order so the most recent news is at the top of the page.

14th March 2024


Double hit of news. Firstly Echo has moved to his new forever home, We wish him all the best. He will be missed but we believe he will be happy where is is now living with a new family to love him

Scapegrace Faenor has just returned from Crufts with a Winners rosette clutched in her paw with a win in class. Her youth predicated against her winning best bitch but maybe next year. She is however going to compete abroad and she how she gets on. Stay tuned for more news.

6th October 2023


As most people are aware occasionally we have mature dogs we need to find homes for once they reach the end of their showing and/or breeding careers.

Scapegrace Echo is now available for re-homing. He has been castrated recently and as one of our dogs is of course fully health tested.

He will need a very active home and is super friendly. It is possible he could be homed with a bitch but never with another dog. If you feel you could be his new owner contact us to discuss it further.

29th April 2023


All of our pups now have their forever owners and have started to leave for their new homes.

If you are interested in a puppy from our next litter - due in 2024 feel free to contact us to discuss the process involved.

23rd March 2023


Those of you who know the kennel will be familiar with Freya. With much sadness we have finally had to find her a new home.

Freya got to the age where the youngsters were getting to much for her and we felt it was only fair that she should have a relaxing older age. The family she has gone to were initially looking for a puppy, but when the opportunity came to take Freya they couldn't say yes quickly enough.

We always knew that we would have to find homes for our former breeding dogs and bitches but its still hard to let them go. However like our pups we have made sure its a lovely family she has gone to and hopefully will enjoy her retirement as much as Loki is enjoying his.

23rd March 2023


Yes, Buffy has had a second litter. A litter of 5 lovely health pups, 4 of whom will be available to prospective puppy people, unfortunately the available pups are all boys this time as we are planning on keeping the bitch

If you are interested contact us via the links on the website for more details.

23rd March 2023


Yes its been a long twelve months. We have had a very stressful year moving house. So much has happened, lets say woodworm and leave it at that, we have been so preocupied with living out of packing cases that the last thing on our minds was to post. Everything is now resolved so hopefully posting should happen on a regular basis.

2nd April 2022


Scapegrace are extremely proud of the fact we have attained a 5* licence with our local authority. Both inspection and veterinary reports have been received and acknowledged by us.

One thing we would like to mention is that whilst it is all very nice to have positive comments by our own peer group, it is even more important when we are complemented by qualified outside professionals. This is the highest compliment possible. After all, it is you our owners and the dogs we keep and go on to breed that benefit from all this care.

We did not think it appropriate to post the full report from the vet who inspected us but have taken comments as written from that report for you to read.

“careful thought is given to matching the personality of the pup to the circumstances of the potential owner”

“the breeder has instigated a rigorous series of genetic testing to each of her dogs in order to avoid the most common genetic diseases within the breed, (including BAER testing for hearing). She isn’t however charging more money for her pups to represent their higher health status nor is she trying to breed more pups per year to recoup her outlay”

“overall an excellent set up with exceptional procedures in place to ensure the betterment of the breed”

Source – R. McNulty MRCVS veterinary inspection report 26th January 2022

2nd April 2022


A new year and the process of finding owners for potential new puppies begins

As current owners are aware we have an interview process for new owners - starting, in some cases, up to 18 months before becoming owners this gives us and the new owners a chance to get to know what owners can expect from us and that we can inform new owners of everything involved in taking on a PRT puppy.

So anyone interested in a puppy, expected to be available from August this year, wanting to get in touch - now is a good time.

7th February 2022


We at Scapegrace made an important decision last year. Even though we don’t breed the number of litters required that we have to be registered as a licenced breeder with our local authority, we decided that we would go ahead and register anyway.

We did this for 3 reasons. First we felt that by registering we could show we had nothing to hide in our breeding of dogs. Second it ensures that we are maintaining the highest standards and best practice in both our keeping and breeding. Thirdly it gives our potential puppy owners an extra level of confidence that we are being as good a breeder as we can be.

We got the results back from our assessment last week – both of our documented practices and record keeping and the vet led inspection and were told that we had passed and are now a licenced breeder with our local authority. Further good news then came through. Not only had we passed but we had been rated as 5 Star. Of course now the real hard work comes as we strive to ensure that we keep that rating going forward.

8th January 2022


Freyas pups are now 4 weeks old and prospective owners can now contact to arrange to visit and see the litter. There are 4 boys and 3 girls in this litter and all appear healthy, gaining weight and developing normally. If you are interested then contact us for more details. Obviously you can also contact us if you are interested in getting a puppy, but you are not ready to get one at the moment as this obvioussly allows us to spend more timne explaining how we at Scapegrace work.

19th November 2021


This week Freya has been for her 40 day scan that all of our bitches have to check that everything is fine with the pregnancy and hopefully a guide to how many pups she may have. The vet confirmed she could see 3 or 4 and to date the scan has always given us a minimum number of pups to expect.

Given Freyas past litters there may therefore be pups available. If anyone not on our waiting list is interested now might be a good time to contact us. Now we just wait to see how many pups arrive.

22nd September 2021


DNA testing has always been a very important part of Scapegraces practices as we attempt to breed the healthiest dogs we can. As you know we DNA test all of our breeding dogs for PLL, LOA and SCA as a matter of routine but now we are going to step up our testing.

First we are going to DNA profile all of our dogs. This means that not only do we have a unique record of all the dogs we breed from but also of their pups, from this point forward. We are currently testing all of the dogs we have ever used for breeding – the current owners of Loki have been more than happy to help us with getting him profiled as they understand where we are coming from.

Why is this important, it means we can prove that we have bred a pup and if there should be any question as to ownership we can provide categorical proof as to the dogs identity – remember that microchipping can be circumvented by unscrupulous individuals DNA cannot.v/p>

Second we are going to further DNA health test our breeding dogs for additional inheritable conditions. While some may say this further testing is unnecessary, we as breeders cannot take the risk – where it can be avoided – of breeding a pup with an inherited health condition. Obviously this will have an impact on the dogs and bitches we can use for breeding but that’s just something we have to live with as we strive to be the best breeder we can be.

31st August 2021


With most of Buffys pups having gone to their homes, there is now just one all white dog pup remaining, looking for his special people.

8th July 2021

Q&A Update

The Q&A section has been updated to reflect the delay The Kennel Club have introduced into the scheme to test dogs every 2 generations for inheritable illnesses. Originally planned from 2022 it will now take place from 2023.

While no proper reason has been given for this delay we suspect it may be connected to the ongoing problems with the replacement IT system they introduced in Q4 of 2020

30th June 2021

Puppy Update

Buffy has given birth to 4 pups, 3 little boys and a little girl. For photos and info please see the facebook page.

Website update.

We have added some more entries to the Q&A section, mostly connected to health testing.

10th June 2021

Puppy Update

To those interested Buffy went for her 40 day scan yesterday and, Ta Da.

The scan confirmed by the vet that Buffy is pregnant fit and well. For more Information and scan photos see the facebook page.

28th April 2021

Retirement to the Sunny South Coast

Today it became offfical that Loki has found his retirement home on the sunny south coast

Just as with our puppies we made sure that the family he has gone to will ensure he has a happy and fun life. The new owners will hopefully post updates on the facebook page over time so we can see how he is getting on.

11th March 2021

As those of you who have met us know, we get all of our bitches blood tested before breeding to make sure they are in tip top health. Buffy has just had her blood tests back and the Vet has assured us her bloods are all ok and it is fine for us to breed from her.

The Vet also said it was reassuring that a breeder was taking such care before breeding as so many just don't bother. Nice words indeed to hear from a professional.

So now its fingers crossed for her to come into season.

5th February 2021

We have added a link to The Kennel Club website, specifically the Assured Breeder Scheme Home page. This contains some information of interest for prospective new owners - not just about the ABS but also in general.

5th February 2021

We have now introduced a news page - here we will try to keep you up to date with changes at the kennel.
Normally this will be things like news about litters changes, to the website or significant information added to the facebook page.
So here is where to find the latest happenings.