This news page is in reverse order so the most recent news is at the top of the page.

11th March 2021

As those of you who have met us know, we get all of our bitches blood tested before breeding to make sure they are in tip top health. Buffy has just had her blood tests back and the Vet has assured us her bloods are all ok and it is fine for us to breed from her.

The Vet also said it was reassuring that a breeder was taking such care before breeding as so many just don't bother. Nice words indeed to hear from a professional.

So now its fingers crossed for her to come into season.

5th February 2021

We have added a link to The Kennel Club website, specifically the Assured Breeder Scheme Home page. This contains some information of interest for prospective new owners - not just about the ABS but also in general.

5th February 2021

We have now introduced a news page - here we will try to keep you up to date with changes at the kennel.
Normally this will be things like news about litters changes, to the website or significant information added to the facebook page.
So here is where to find the latest happenings.