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The Scapegrace Facebook Page
The Parson Russell Terrier Club UK
The Northern Parson Russell Terrier Club
The Kennel Club
Animal Health Trust




Sadly this happens all too often.


A beloved owner leaves this world with the responsibility of a cherished pet left behind with potentially no home. Many options can be offered and some very much less palatable to many.


The Dogs Trust run a scheme called The Canine Care Card. The link is below for your information and more details should you wish to look at it.


The nuts and bolts are that it's a FREE SERVICE giving you peace of mind, knowing that if you pass away before your pet dog/s does that The Dogs Trust will care for your dog/s.


There is an application process and you will receive a card similar to a donor card notifying people of your wishes and who to contact should the worst happen.


Obviously we are not endorsing this option, but informing of alternative options available and in turn pass on this information to you.